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5 Essential Tips for Writing a Resume

Tips for Writing a ResumeNow that career seekers can apply with the click of a button on LinkedIn and jobs get posted across countless sites such as Indeed, hiring managers have more applicants to sift through than ever before.

In the era of being constantly connected, it is no surprise that the art of writing a resume has evolved with the times as well. Though there are some resume rules that consistently remain untouched, technological advances afford practical and creative ways to help mundane resumes stand out from the crowd. 

Check out these 5 Essential Tips to keep in mind when trying to land your dream job and separate yourself from the pack:


1) Format your resume to match the position and industry for which you are applying.     

If you are applying for a position as a graphic designer or another creative role, then your resume should reflect such. You could create a unique yet functional resume template – just keep in mind that the resume needs to be interpreted quickly, so try not to make it too complex or artsy.

A resume for a position as an accountant may include a more traditional, quantifiable resume with conservative formatting.


2) Include relatable content in your resume.

Each time you apply to a position, your resume should be tweaked to accommodate the industry and position. For instance, if you are applying for a customer service position, you would want to highlight a prior position as a receptionist.

You can also use outside experience effectively; your volunteer work is an asset when applying for a position at a non-profit organization. Customizing each resume can be time consuming, however, it is a worthwhile effort to help your resume stand out.


3) List your most impressive experiences first.

When looking at any document or list, the information that is first and last is the most often remembered. Recruiters have hundreds of resumes to sift through; you want to make it as easy as possible for them to find your best attributes and experiences. Be proud of your prior experience and put the highlights front and center on your resume.


4) Make your resume interactive.                        

There are simple things you can add to your resume to make it interactive. Embedded links make your resume engaging and encourage people to learn more about you. Linking to your email address and LinkedIn page are great methods to encourage recruiters to contact you back.

If you are in a marketing or creative field, linking to a portfolio website with samples of your work will allow you to exhibit more of achievements and give hiring managers a better picture of your talents. Recruiters can easily access further information than what will fit on a one-page resume.

Interesting ways to make a resume interactive include:

  • A link to prior mentions and awards
  • A link to a 60-90 second video (digital cover letter)
  • A link to a digital portfolio or professional blog 



Perfection is a necessity when it comes to the grammar and formatting of your resume. One error could discredit your resume and lessen your chances to advance during the screening process. Have a second person glance over your resume for any errors or uncertainties. Also, have the same individual provide you with his/her interpretation of your resume. If the editor can decipher the type of position you are applying for just by looking at your resume, then your highlighted skills and experience correlate with the job. 



The most important thing to remember is that your resume is your first impression to recruiters and companies – make it an outstanding one!


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