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There's No Such Thing as A Millennial Personality Type

We've all heard stories about Millennial employees—how much they use their smartphone, how badly they want their colleagues to become their best friends, and most importantly, how much they want to change the world. But what if Millennials aren't that different after all? 

What if I were to tell you that there's no such thing as a Millennial personality type? 

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5 Ways to Build Stronger Teams Using Personality Assessments

Build a stronger team. Sounds like a great goal, right? However, you may feel unsure of how you can achieve this goal, as well as what results to expect afterwards. One of the best ways to overcome common team challenges and cultivate authentic connections among team members is to use personality assessments to improve communicate and heighten emotional intelligence within your organization.   

Using a robust personality assessment in various team building activities leads to a variety of benefits for your organization—check out these five ways to build stronger teams using personality assessments! 


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The 4 Most Common Challenges That Teams Face

Anyone who has worked on a team knows that there are unique challenges that come with working in a group of diverse personalities. Each person brings their own set of values, opinions, and preferences to the table which influence how they communicate and execute tasks. 

Check out these common challengesare any present in your organization?  


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