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Strategies for Becoming a Self-Aware Leader

Confidence. Commitment. Passion. Integrity. All of these are characteristics of an admirable leader. But there is one trait that may overshadow them all: self-awareness. Self-aware leaders have the ability to monitor their own emotions and reactions. Leaders that are highly attuned to their behaviors (and how others perceive those behaviors) can make a positive impact in their organization by setting the tone for maturity, moderation, and civility that others will aim to replicate.

We promote self-awareness at Birkman—it's critical for everyone's personal development, not just leaders. However, self-awareness is difficult to practice, especially when under stress.

There are three elements to self-awareness:

  • Knowing your own behavior—good and bad
  • Leveraging your good behavior
  • Curbing the bad behavior

It seems simple, but even those of us immersed in a company culture that emphasizes the importance of self-awareness can struggle. Ultimately, in those moments when you're frustrated in the workplace, it's hard to step back, take a deep breath, and assess how you can best handle a situation.

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Business Consulting in the Digital Era

The business world is moving at a breakneck speed, and innovation will only drive business to become more efficient and fast-paced. We’re more connected than ever with everything we need at our fingertips. 

While this rapid-paced world may be great for instant gratification, it presents a challenge to business consultants. Independent business consultants are small business owners – and implementing new technologies can be time consuming and daunting. It's worth it to focus on efficencies that make the greatest impact for your client.

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