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5 Easy Steps to Improve Employee Engagement Right Now

We dug into market research about the state of human capital in 2019 and beyond, finding several market trends that tie organizational performance back to technological disruption, social impact, and values. To help you prepare your organization for future success, we're sharing new research-driven insights on the evolving dynamics of teams, employee engagement, and the workplace. Check out our infographic for five steps to get your organization ready for the future. 

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Employee engagement is crucial for your organization's success and these market trends are important to keep in mind when thinking about your company. Here are the five ways to get your organization ready for the future:

1. Lead with growth-driven mindset

2. Create a culture that accepts failure

3. Leverage diversity in a psychological safe environment

4. Unite teams with a clear sense of purpose that ties to the broader social complex of customers, stakeholders, and the community

5. Measure and reward team performance, not just individual performance


At Birkman, we see the close connection between employee engagement, teamwork, and organizational performance, so we continue to invest in resources that can help high-performing teams succeed in the changing marketplace. Ready to take the next step? Let’s start the conversation to provide you with the team building solutions that drive client success. Speak to an expert - let’s connect!



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