The 4 Most Common Challenges That Teams Face

Anyone who has worked on a team knows that there are unique challenges that come with working in a group of diverse personalities. Each person brings their own set of values, opinions, and preferences to the table which influence how they communicate and execute tasks. 

Check out these common challengesare any present in your organization?  

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Reaching Further: Working in teams with a range of personalities promotes greater creativity, as well as more well-rounded and thought-out solutions. However, misunderstandings can easily arise in these situations. When you place diverse teams in the dynamic landscape of the modern workforce, they'll be faced with even more obstacles to overcome.

Personality assessments like The Birkman Method overcome communication and perception differences to bridge the gap between diverse personalities. By exploring both external and internal behavior, this tool makes understanding personality differences easy.

Explore this additional infographic to discover five ways a personality assessment helps build stronger teams. 

You can also check out how MailChimp, a company with over 14 million clients worldwide, used Birkman to maintain a company culture of humility, creativity, and independence during a period of rapid growth:

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Taylor Chan

Taylor hails from Boston, Massachusetts, with a deep passion for design and innovation. With over ten international creative publications, she brings a trained, artistic eye to Birkman’s marketing department. When she isn't consuming 17th century European works, you can find her dancing, running, or serving her church on the weekends.

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