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Is an Assessment Reliable and Valid?

As you search for a personality assessment to catalyze and add value to your team building session, first validate the accuracy of the assessment itself. If you are looking to build a sound architectural structure, it's essential to begin with a solid foundation. Keep in mind that a team building session is not merely a light-hearted break from your daily office routine-- it's an exercise that can impact your organization's productivity, success, and bottom line.

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10 Tips for Team Building

Searching for solutions to common interpersonal or team problems can be overwhelming. 

First, you have to establish goals for your solutions then whittle everything down to the granular, logistical components for each step in the process. We've found that an effective method for overcoming team challenges, whether it be miscommunication within the group or on-boarding new team members, involves individual and group coaching in the form of team building sessions. Check out these ten tips to bring greater interpersonal understanding, communication, and empathy to your team.

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