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4 Most Common Problems Team Building Can Solve

Four Most Common Problems Team Building Can Solve

79% of people indicate that a positive employee experience is important or very important to them, but only 22% of companies indicate they are excellent at building a differentiated employee experience (see References section for resources below). With odds stacked against the traditional corporate mindset, how can you break through these barriers to engage employees and cultivate strong, effective teams?

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Harvard’s First Executive Coaching Case Study Features Birkman

Harvard's First Executive Coaching Case Study Features Birkman

On September 28-29, Sharon Birkman, CEO of Birkman International, and Dan Perryman, VP of Training and Development, attended the 11th Annual Coaching in Leadership & Healthcare Conference in Boston, hosted by the Institute of Coaching, McLean Hospital, and Harvard Medical School. The conference provided an opportunity for them to meet and hear from hundreds of thought leaders in the medical and psychological sciences, with a focus on positive psychology. However, for Sharon and Dan, the highlight of the weekend was the presentation given by Ethan Bernstein, Professor at Harvard Business School (HBS), on a HBS case study featuring the Birkman Method.

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Empower Stress to Empower You

Empower Stress, Empower You

Psychologist and thought leader Kelly McGonigal delivered an impactful talk at TedGlobal 2013 (with over 17 million online views) completely challenging each one of us to change our perception of stress. And she backed this game-changing view by scientific studies that show stress in and of itself is not harmful to humans—but our belief that stress is harmful allows it to demoralize the human spirit. Our negative perception of the physical signs of stress fuels its ability to harm our health—mentally, emotionally and physically.

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