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Birkman Colors

Are you objective and able to make quick decisions, or do you like to spend time reflecting on different options? What kind of activities do you like—planning, painting, or construction? These different preferences and behavioral patterns can be quickly communicated by your Birkman Color(s); red, green, blue, or yellow. Here are some traits that are associated with each color:

  • Red: represents action, energy, likes practical results
  • Green: represents persuading and communicating with people
  • Blue: represents innovation, creativity, and working with ideas
  • Yellow: represents order, repeatability, procedures, and systems

Birkman Colors are an easy way to talk about your unique personality type and are measured by four benchmarks: Usual Behavior, Interests, Needs, and Stress Behavior. 

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My Experience Attending Birkman Signature Certification

As the daughter of a long time Birkman employee, and a part time employee myself, I didn’t think I needed to attend Signature Certification. My mother, Carol Buckner, has worked at Birkman for more than twenty years, and I had heard about the Birkman concepts all my life. I also took the Birkman assessment when I was 13, and worked at the office with my mom as a teenager. So, why would I need training?

However, a few months ago, I attended Birkman Signature Certification and it changed my entire perspective on how I collaborate and connect with those around me. 

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How to Attract the Best Job Candidates at Career Fairs

People on the job hunt aren't the only ones who need to prepare well if they want to get the most out of a job fair. These events are a talent selection hot spot for your HR or recruiting team, but to attract the best candidates, it's important to develop a game plan. If you prepare well you can:

  • Save money on advertising for job openings
  • Have in-person access to a large pool of qualified candidates
  • Engage in face-to-face conversations with people that are most interested in joining your team and making contributions to your company

Every organization should have several factors in place to set themselves up for success. You'll need the right information, attitude, and processes. Know your organization, how you will communicate that to your audience, and how you will follow up with potential candidates. Remember that job fairs are a two-way streetit's about finding and having a dialogue with a candidate who can both benefit from and contribute to your company.

Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your next recruiting event.

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