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What to Look for When Discovering Your Second Career

When people think of starting a second career, they often associate it with entering retirement age. However, there are a variety of situations you can encounter during your working life that can spur a career change such as facing a layoff, feeling unfulfilled in your current role, or simply craving a change. While it may seem scary to leave a position where you likely feel comfortable, a second career can be a prime opportunity for you to try something different, discover a new passion, and learn additional skills along the way!

When exploring options for a second career, following a systematic approach can help ensure you find a position that aligns with your unique interests and existing skill set. These six tips can help you streamline your search and give you the confidence you need to take control of your career.

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8 Questions You Should Ask a Future Employer During an Interview

Let’s face it—the search for a new job can be tough!  I was just recently hired on as the Marketing Specialist at Birkman, and I can honestly say getting here was a very humbling journey.  Over the course of five months, I applied to countless jobs that I knew I was more than qualified for, but ended up only hearing back from a handful.

With so much pressure on just landing the face-to-face interaction with a potential employer, it is crucial to find a way to stand out from the rest of the candidates during an interview.

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How to Boost Confidence Before a Sales Presentation

We’ve all seen persuasive sales presentations that leave the audience enthused, invigorated – and eager to buy. But such compelling presentation styles rarely develop overnight. In fact, such presentations could have been years in the making. Sales people typically sharpen their speaking skills over time, eventually finding a style that is effective and natural that exudes the confidence it takes to speak in front of key decision makers. 

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5 Essential Tips for Writing a Resume

Now that career seekers can apply with the click of a button on LinkedIn and jobs get posted across countless sites such as Indeed, hiring managers have more applicants to sift through than ever before.

In the era of being constantly connected, it is no surprise that the art of writing a resume has evolved with the times as well. Though there are some resume rules that consistently remain untouched, technological advances afford practical and creative ways to help mundane resumes stand out from the crowd. 

Check out these 5 Essential Tips to keep in mind when trying to land your dream job and separate yourself from the pack:


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