Using Behavioral Assessments in the Hiring & Selection Process

No matter how good or bad the economy may be, making sound hiring decisions is critical to an organization's success. 

hiring and selection personality test

The cost of the selection process, not to mention the expense of a “bad” hire, is too high to make mistakes.  Using behavioral assessments can make a big difference in a company’s hiring and selection results. 

Using assessments for this application is becoming more popular all the time. Many companies don’t realize the importance, however, of implementing a policy around the specific use of assessments in the selection process. Having a sound policy in place that is consistently implemented will ensure the proper use and management of assessments in the hiring/selection process.  

Below are four major points to keep in mind when using behavioral assessements during the hiring process: 

  • Use assessment results as one piece of the puzzle, giving it no more or less weight than the interview, past experience, references, or resume. 
  • Use assessments in a consistent manner. One suggestion is to have the final three candidates complete the assessment prior to a follow-up interview. Never selectively choose to give an assessment to only one of the three final candidates – this creates bias.
  • Never specifically reference the assessment results with candidates. Use the results to develop behavioral questions to ask in the follow-up interview in order to gain more knowledge about potential hires.
  • NEVER make a hiring decision based solely on the assessment results.

When used properly, assessments can provide great insights in the hiring process, which can save companies a great deal of time and money in addition to helping to find great employees.

Reaching Further:

The Birkman Method® provides both behavioral and occupational information in one assessment, making it a great tool to use in the hiring/selection process.

About the Author | Carol Buckner

With more than 20 years at Birkman and a master’s degree in psychology from TCU, Carol is deeply invested in supporting our mission. Carol has three daughters with her husband, Ross, and you’ll always see her with a smile on her face. She especially lights up when talking about traveling, volunteering, trying new restaurants in Houston, and rooting for her favorite sports teams (Roll Tide!).