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Tips for Team Building During Company Growth

It’s an exciting time for your company—you’re growing rapidly and have seen a significant boost in sales, revenue, and company reputation. But you also notice that your employees don’t seem as excited about these advancements as you are. In fact, they seem less motivated than ever before.  

Believe it or not, this is a common challenge that many companies face when they experience a period of rapid growth. While this newfound success can feel like an all-encompassing thrill, it is critical that you keep the most important asset of your organization at the top of mind— your people.

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The Benefits of Using a Personality Assessment in the Hiring Process

Resumes, references, and interviews are the standard selection pieces for the hiring process. Resumes give you a summary of a candidate's work history, references give you an idea of a candidate’s work ethic, and an interview gives you a sense of a candidate’s communication style. But how can you gauge what is going to motivate a candidate to perform at their best or how well they will fit into your organization? That’s where a personality assessment comes in.

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Tactics to Become a Better Leader

What separates a good leader from a great one? Their curiosity and willingness to learn. 

The most successful and respected leaders view their leadership abilities as a skill—something that should be continually practiced, developed, and refined over time. While this is a continuous process that requires quite a bit of dedication, it's not an impossible task. In fact, most of the ways you can develop these skills are a  lot  fun—and you'll get the chance to learn about yourself (and others) along the way! 

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