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[Infographic] There's No Such Thing as the Millennial Personality Type

We've all heard about the different characteristics of each generation in the workforce. When thinking about these different generations, it's not uncommon to make misinformed generalizations about each group, especially in times of conflict. It's important to realize that these generalizations can stand in the way of getting to the root of the issue—whether differences and conflict stems from personality dynamics, generational dynamics, or other factors.

Conflict that stems from these dynamics is often attributed to visible and familiar differences such as ethnicity, gender, or age. However, it's crucial to realize what the underlying cause of different issues may be. Check out this infographic to see the differences between personality dynamics and generational dynamics, and how they influence your team!

There's No Such Thing as the Millennial Personality Type


Reaching Further:  

Diversity in the workplace is an important topic to address across all levels of an organization—not just with HR managers. Teammates and managers alike can keep discussions on the diversity and importance of personality at the forefront of their minds by harnessing tools like The Birkman Method, a robust personality assessment that drives self and others awareness in a team by illuminating one's visible behaviors, motivators, and expectations of their environment. Realizing these factors is crucial for crafting an environment that encourages communication about personality and generational differences, ultimately setting every team member up for success. 

Want to learn more about specific ways you might encounter generational and personality differences at work? Dive deeper with these dynamics in this blog! 

Bust the Millennial Myth