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Six Variables to Consider When Deciding Your Next Career

It's nerve-racking to choose a career or a new career path. You have so many options. In fact, there are 11 sectors, or 69 industries, that you can choose from! However, how will you know you chose the right career? How do you know you'll be successful? Will it fulfill your needs and wants? And ultimately, will you be happy?

Career fit and satisfaction are first and foremost, based on the inner workings of your personality. We've gathered some variables below in an infographic that you can check out when considering your next career, including reflecting on your strengths, analyzing your interests, and understanding your career needs to get them met.


Your strengths are what define you style in the workplace. They're what people see and notice when working with you. They're how you accomplish tasks, approach leadership, and remain productive. You must know how to articulate your unique strengths in job interviews, on job applications, in cover letters, or on your resume. A few examples of behavioral strengths are being: 

Logical  |  Insistent  Competitive  Insightful

Employers or recruiters will want to ensure your skills and strengths align with the job. Tip: Look at the job application and circle all the words that you can relate to. Next, add the descriptors that you possess and explain your strengths in your resume or cover letter. When in-person, be sure to include them in your answers to the interviewer's questions. 


You are unique, and so are your interests. Birkman Interests are the activities you prefer and areas you'll gravitate towards in the workplace. Your interests tell you how you are motivated. This is really helpful when searching for a career. Our career reporting will help you determine which jobs you will be drawn to because of the responsibilities and job functions it entails. Some (there's a lot!) Birkman Interests include:

Implementing  |  Scheduling  |  Persuading  |  Planning

By knowing your interests, you can carve out your career path with more ease and guidance. This self-awareness will help you decide what really is important to you. Do you enjoy persuading but are looking to have a job in Marketing? Persuade when you write. Do you like the idea of Accounting but you're really interested in design? Create colorful, eye-catching spreadsheets. 


Birkman Needs are defined as the support you expect from others and the environment around you. It's crucial for you to consider if your work environment will align with your Needs and preferences. If your Needs go unmet for a while, you'll most likely be frustrated and burn out, which is unfortunate in a new job. We all know stress is normal, but it can cause you to be ineffective and negatively affect your well-being if it's consistent and not addressed. Your Birkman Needs could be anything from expecting:

Plenty to Do  |  Consistency  Flexibility  Time for Reflection

Most personality or career assessments will not help you determine your Needs. But we do because it's crucial to your success. Birkman can help you determine how you want to be treated, supported, and motivated.

Read all six of the variables you should consider when deciding your next career in our infographic below.

How to Decide Your Next Career

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