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Taylor Chan

Taylor hails from Boston, Massachusetts, with a deep passion for design and innovation. With over ten international creative publications, she brings a trained, artistic eye to Birkman’s marketing department. When she isn't consuming 17th century European works, you can find her dancing, running, or serving her church on the weekends.

Introverted? Ask Yourself This in Your Next Meeting!

Whether you tend to be less assertive in communication or your preference is to work alone, it can be challenging to share your thoughts in meetings with extroverted, vocal team members. However, contributing in meetings is an important part in making your voice heard and gaining respect in an organization. 

That being said, there are situations where it is beneficial to step up and share your thoughts with your group, and other times when you may want to hold off on sharing. The next time you're in a meeting, use this graphic to analyze if you should be speaking up. Share with any introverts you know!


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How to Develop and Drive More Effective Meetings

Did you know you spend 20% of your work life in unproductive meetings?

Well hopefully, your average is lower!

Atlassian research shows that employees spend an average of 31 hours in unproductive meetings over the course of a month. That's almost a fifth of the time an individual spends at work. Given that meetings are an essential and frequent part of the workday, the question that naturally arises is how to optimize the time spent in meetings

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Tactics to Become a Better Leader

What separates a good leader from a great one? Their curiosity and willingness to learn. 

The most successful and respected leaders view their leadership abilities as a skill—something that should be continually practiced, developed, and refined over time. While this is a continuous process that requires quite a bit of dedication, it's not an impossible task. In fact, most of the ways you can develop these skills are a  lot  fun—and you'll get the chance to learn about yourself (and others) along the way! 

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