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4 Questions with President of Birkman International Rich Hall

Following our recent leadership change announcement, we spoke with newly appointed President of Birkman International, Rich Hall, on his more than 20-year journey using Birkman and how his passion for the product led him to his current role.

Q. You’ve had a unique career trajectory. How did that lead you to join the Birkman team?

A. It is all about timing, relationships, and culture. I had met Sharon a few times socially but never thought of Birkman as a career path for me. When she decided to make some changes at the leadership level, a mutual friend felt I would be a great fit to join the team. I had experience with leadership in a family owned business and felt very comfortable with Birkman International519-Ready-Edit WEB VERSION Chris Gillett Houston Headshot Photographer--2Sharon and the rest of the team. It was a natural fit with perfect timing.

Q. What are some of the high-impact ways that the Birkman assessment helped you and your teams throughout your career?

A. Most assessments today are surface level at best. They measure the obvious traits and strengths that everyone can see and therefore provide very little meaningful long-term benefits. The Birkman Method measures these strengths and, even more importantly, the individual’s hidden expectations. In essence, what do they need from their environment to be successful? When you know this about someone, you can better create an environment for success for them and the team as a whole. This has been my experience using the tool in my leadership career over the last two decades.

Q. What are you most proud of from your first year on the Birkman leadership team?

A. I truly believe the Birkman Method is the best personality and behavioral assessment on the market. I have a vision of growth for the company that is an order of magnitude greater than where we are today. Delivering on that vision of growth and creating a larger breadth of products and services can push the organization logistically, financially, and culturally. I am very proud that the team has embraced the vision and delivered beyond all expectations. We had a record year at Birkman in 2018 and have only begun to deliver on the full potential.

Q. What are you focused on now, and what excites you most about the future?

A. We have proven that the market actively uses and succeeds with our product for more than 67 years. Over 3500+ consultants, partners, and corporations use Birkman with their clients and employees around the globe. I am focused on expanding the company’s capacity to help improve more lives throughout the world. In doing so, we are focused on hiring the right people that believe as we do and want to be a part of something special. Combining the right people with a great product and turning them loose to do what they do best is a recipe for an exciting future.

About the Author | Anna Baker

Anna is a Houstonian Aggie with a passion for words, minds, and personality. With a degree in Communications and Psychology, a Marketing role at Birkman is the perfect combination of her interests. You can often find her trying new restaurants or whipping up recipes in her own kitchen. Anna also enjoys traveling, cats, volleyball, and spending time with her family and friends.